Guess what? Newly painted rocker covers or in another way newly painted valve covers.

It’s red….. In the dark/shade…. And orange In the light. Haha.

Well either way it looks pretty rad. I’m compadre Anthony gets all the credit. With his initiative this has taken place.

Quick run through on what happened: got through the steps of disassembling and stripping down the paint on the cover, all of a suddenly the PVC GROMMET for my cover had to be brittle. The evening of the painting was when I had to leave my car at Anthony’s, the following day I had spent running to toyota and part source.

TLDR; we have painted valve covers.


Just a little history back with the Celica. I am the proud owner of a red 1992 Toyota Celica GT-S, specifically the 8th owner of the Celica.

First photo: Picked up the YotaCeli back in 2012 October. Been through so much in less than a year. Picked up with the clicks ‘114812’ were on it.

Second photo: survived the winter

Third to fifth photos: current day

Last: 135815 clicks, and many to go.
There are many things I have to do, and repairing rust and other mechanical parts will take place this coming week.

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